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How an Attorney Can Help With Your Automobile Accident

After a automobile accident injury, you may be thinking about hiring a lawyer to help with your claim. An attorney offers specialized skills that can improve the outcome of your case. They gather and analyze key pieces of evidence, perform in-depth investigations, and negotiate with insurers and the other side to get you the best result.

How Can an Automobile Accident Lawyer Help Me?

The role of your lawyer depends a lot on what happened and how complex your case is. But the list of things your lawyer can do for you is long. Your lawyer can:

  • Take over all communications with insurers, including the other drivers
  • Get medical records from your doctors to prove your injuries
  • Work with doctors to obtain medical evidence
  • Gather evidence to show who caused your accident
  • Negotiate and reduce liens, such as from health, workers’ compensation, or disability insurers
  • Negotiate a settlement of your claim with an insurer or before trial

Here’s a bit more about what this means for you. 

Communicating with Insurers

Your lawyer has to discuss your needs with the insurance adjusters of all parties involved. They have the funds to pay you for your injuries, so clear, effective communication is a must, so the end result is what you need.  

Getting Medical Records to Prove Injuries

You own your medical records, but it’s not always easy to access them. You may have to contact different hospitals, clinics, or doctor’s offices to get the documents. Granting your records request may be low on the priority list in a busy healthcare system, so a lawyer’s diligence and organization can take this burden off you. 

Working With Doctors to Get Medical Evidence

A successful car accident claim means proving the collision is what caused your damages. Even when you get your medical records, they may not show the full picture of what happened. The doctor’s notes may not connect your injuries to the car accident – even if that’s true. A lawyer can work with your doctor to help make those connections so you can make your legal case.

Getting Evidence to Show Who Caused Your Accident

Automobile accidents happen quickly, and there are many sides to a story. That’s where objective evidence comes in. You may have taken photos of your accident, which is a great first step. But your lawyer can go in-depth to get all evidence necessary to prove who caused the collision, going back to the accident scene, getting police reports, and even talking to investigating officers.  

Negotiating and Reducing Liens

Health, disability, and workers’ compensation insurance are important safety nets – but you may not realize that once your claim is settled, some of that money goes to those insurers. It’s designed to pay back what they have paid to you. Your lawyer knows that as much money as possible from your settlement should remain yours. That’s why they negotiate liens with these insurers to reduce the amount they take, leaving more for you. 

Negotiating a Settlement of Your Claim

The evidence-gathering and communications come down to one thing: your settlement. Lawyers are specifically trained in negotiations. They have the sole objective of getting you the best outcome, which they are uniquely qualified to do. They have seen other cases like yours and know how much they are worth. 

Do I Really Need a Lawyer?

You have the right to handle your own claim. But a lawyer knows what evidence you need and the skill to negotiate the best settlement on your behalf. If you’re in Louisiana, consider contacting The Ryland Law Firm. We’ll work to get you the best outcome for your case. Contact us today.