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How To Choose The Best Automobile Accident Lawyer

A car wreck can leave you not just with painful injuries but with a financial nightmare. Lost wages from time off work and increasing medical bills can cause future problems. You need a personal injury lawyer on your side to help you fight for justice and the fair compensation that you deserve.

But not every automobile accident attorney is a good fit. This article will help you search for a automobile accident attorney that is right for you. 


You should know who the automobile accident attorney is before you hire them. Do some research of your own. You can look up their name and practice online and see any reviews that may have been posted. 

You can also ask the lawyer for a list of references. If you find an attorney that does not have references or is reluctant to give them, be wary of them. Like an employer calls the references of a potential job applicant, you should be able to contact references of the car accident attorney you might hire. 

You can also research the attorney’s standing with their state bar association. This will show whether they are in good standing or were the recipient of any disciplinary action.


Being organized is the key to a good work ethic. If you walk into an attorney’s office and it looks like a tornado just whirled through it, their work attitude and abilities may suffer. 

It will be hard for them to fight for justice in your case if they cannot find your file.


It is important to know the level of experience your automobile accident attorney possesses. Some automobile accident attorneys only handle car or truck accidents. Others handle public transportation accidents where state and local governments are the defendants. Others specialize in class actions. You need to choose an attorney that specializes in your type of accident and, if possible, also in the type of accident injury (i.e., spinal cord injury, brain injury). 

You should also know that most automobile accident cases settle. They do not go to trial. Nevertheless, a trial is always a possibility. So, ensure the attorney you choose has not only negotiation experience and a reputation for getting reasonable settlements but also a good trial record.


It’s your case and your life. You will want to know how your automobile accident attorney will proceed with your case. You will have questions and concerns. Your automobile accident attorney needs to be able to communicate with you without confusing legal jargon.

You should be able to get updates on the progression of your case easily. This can be through calls or emails. Your automobile accident lawyer should respond to your messages in a timely manner.

Depending on the size of the law firm, your attorney will probably also have a paralegal or secretary. Because they reflect the firm, they should also have good communication ethics.


Automobile accidents can involve complex areas of the law. A automobile accident attorney does not handle everything on their own. They also have research databases and will consult third parties to assist in building your case, such as a medical expert. 

When you choose your automobile accident attorney, make sure they have resources to utilize when negotiating and taking your case to trial (if it comes to that). If they do not, their arguments and presentation of your case may suffer.


Hiring a lawyer can be expensive. Fortunately, most personal injury attorneys (like automobile accident attorneys) work on a contingency basis. This means you do not have to pay them anything while they work on your case to secure a settlement or litigate it at trial. 

Once a settlement is reached, or a judgment is rendered (if your case went to trial), your automobile accident attorney takes a percentage of the settlement or judgment. The exact percentage should be agreed on when you hire the attorney. If you do not win, then the attorney gets nothing.

Note you should never give up quality for cost. Some automobile accident attorneys charge a higher fee because they are better and have more resources. And the better the attorney, the higher the possible compensation may be.

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